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Why choose us here at XcelR8 Health & Fitness ?

  • Part of our team includes our physical therapist and sports nutritionist always ready to answer any queries you may have.
  • We house a cryotherapy ice bath.
  • We will consistently provide motivation, support and advice to all our clients.
  • Our personal training studio has a range of different equipment so your sessions are always challenging different and fun.
  • We have a very close knit community within our gym and regularly have social events and outings for all our members.
  • We have an AED on-site with a fully qualified first responder.
  • Most of all we provide a fun environment to train.
  • We have a wide range of classes, that cater to all levels and you also do not need to be a member to attend our fitness classes.
  • Testimonials

    I have just completed XcelR8 ‘ s 10 week Personal Training Package. I am getting married in a few days time & I just want to say a huge thank you to Ger & his team for all the help you have given me. I have dropped almost 2 stone in the 10 weeks and I couldn’t have done this without the help of XcelR8. I’d be lying if I said it was easy, but all that hard work is so worth while. I followed the Nutritional Plan I was given at the initial consultation. I followed that plan as best as I could, I did 3 thirty minute Personal Training sessions per week & 2 spinning classes every week for the past 10 weeks. I really enjoy coming up to the gym due the atmosphere, variety of Fitness Classes & every Personal Training session really works you hard!! I would recommend XcelR8 Gym Glanmire to anyone. If I can get results then anyone can!!!!!


    Testimonial: Icontacted XcelR8 in July 2013 for Personal Training sessions. Being a busy Mum of three young children 6, 5 and 2 and running my own business on top of things – I rarely get a second to myself. After both my second and third baby, I had diastasis of the recti (abdominal split). It’s common enough after giving birth, but it really affected me mentally and physically. I was advised to avoid certain exercises until the muscles knitted back together or I would risk making it worse. Being a sports mad person, I found that really hard. Although I tried to sort it out myself and followed all the conventional advice given postbirth – I have to say that it didn’t work great for me.

    Gill Worley

    XcelR8 Health & Fitness

    Ger Cahill (Managing Director)

    Hi. Thanks for visiting our website page. Being qualified in a wide area of expertise we have the tools & experience to help you in all areas of health & wellness. I am qualified in Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning , Fitness Instruction, Physical Therapy, Cranial Therapy, Dry Needling, Deep Tissue Sports Massage, Holistic Massage & we also have a state of the art Cryotherapy Bath on our premises.

    So whether its Weight Loss, Toning up, Sports performance, Speeding up the Recovery/Injury process, Rehabilitation/Gym programmes then our team can help you.

    Take the first step contact Ger today!

    Thanks, Ger, XcelR8 Health and Fitness

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